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DC Rider

Product Design & Digital Strategy

DC Rider

Re-imagined our transit app from the ground up to provide real-time alerts and commuting info for Metro riders.


Reaching out

Reinvisioned our Metro transit app from the ground up. Met with Transportation section editors and daily commuters in the newsroom to research and outline our primary goals. Optimized for three main features: including alerts broken up by line, including a customizable trip module that shows when the next train on your commute is arriving and including WMATA social data that gives you immediate status alerts.


Visual refresh

Re-architected the app to include main information on a home 'trip' screen that collects your commute information, a trip planner, a way to reach the newsroom, the latest Metro maintenance schedule and WMATA social data. Designed the app to be  visually simple and focused on speed & performance. Sketched out wireframes, put together hi-fi mockups in Sketch, prototyped in InVision & Keynote and worked closely with devs to implement.


Following up

After release, measured feedback and provided updates for a follow-up release that included more features. Followed up with our external beta and power users to invite feedback and prioritize features based on audience reception.