AZ Magazine

Visual Design


AZ Magazine

Designed The Arizona Republic's twice-weekly news magazine specifically for tablet


A complete experiment

Everything about AZ Magazine was a complete experiment and also an incredible learning experience for me. Gannett wanted to invest heavily in digital, so AZ came about as kind of an experiment in that: first monthly, then weekly, then twice-weekly. It was put together in Adobe Digital Publishing by a small team of editors and my co-designer and I each week. It was a small shop and hugely rewarding.  In addition to the regular magazine, I put together and art directed each Sports Preview magazine (pictured above here) which taught me immensely about art directing photo shoots, putting together an entire (digital) magazine and publishing something from concept to execution.


Short lived, but well received

We may not have had the reach we wanted to for the magazine (Apple Newsstand downloads made it tough to discover), we had great engagement and it was creatively satisfying to put together. We won an Associated Press Media Editors' Innovator of the Year award for our efforts. The team putting this together was small but diverse, and we had some really great sections that I wish found more of an audience.